Latest On Harding...Nothing New

Ron Kroichick wonders when Harding Park will see the next of its four more contractually obligated PGA Tour events and says the dire state of the other city courses is a big part of the problem:

All the while, there is an ongoing effort to get the National Golf Foundation to offer its analysis -- how much it would cost to renovate Lincoln Park and Sharp Park, so those courses could generate revenue rather than lose money, and whether such a project is even feasible.

These local issues play into the lingering question of when Harding Park will return to the national spotlight. It will not happen in 2007 and it looks like a longshot for '08. Combs essentially dismissed the possibility of the Tour adding another WGC event, one way to satisfy its commitment to San Francisco.

So pay attention when the Tour announces the venue for the 2009 Presidents Cup, a decision likely to come before the end of this year. That remains the most logical match for Harding, though it would require the Tour trusting the city to resolve its economic issues.

Is the problem with the other courses one of design or maintenance? Anyone want to fill us in? And is there any talk of possibly bringing back Dr. MacKenzie's touch at Sharp Park?