A Few Loyal Golfers

I've gotten three emails from readers noting that they had intentionally let their USGA memberships expire out of protest for a job not well done.

Apparently each of these folks continued to receive email newsletters and the Rules of Golf in their mailbox (along with address labels and renewal pleas). But they were still not members, nor did they want to be.

Lo and behold, each of these former members received word (and bag tags to confirm) that they were members again, free of charge. According to an accompanying letter from membership director Fiona Dolan

"I'm delighted to inform you that the USGA has decided to reward a few loyal golfers with a one-year complimentary membership, complete with all your benefits, effective immediately.
"We have taken this step because we value support for all that the USGA does to keep this game great."

It ends with:

"We are pleased to welcome you back and fervently hope that at the end of your complimentary one-year term you will consider renewing your membership and remain a valuable member of the USGA."

They are also apparently adding golfers from regional associations to bump up the membership tally.

Wouldn't it just be easier to bring back Golf Journal, do something about equipment, ditch the private plane and run the U.S. Open a little better?