"It all makes for a truly impacting statement"

Dave Shedloski talks to Dave Pillsbury about the reopening of, of, of, well, that course Pete Dye designed for Deane Beman in some Florida swamp wetland. I don't even know what it's called anymore. So much for the brand.

Anyway, Pillsbury offers several insights into the project and only gets bogged down in Finchemspeak once:

The clubhouse simply adds a dimension of presence and magnificence that was not there before. You can see the new structure from 12 holes. We will now have an iconic golf course with an iconic clubhouse. It all makes for a truly impacting statement.

One other thing. In the story, they refer to it as THE PLAYERS Championship. I thought it was not just going to be The PLAYERS now?  No caps on the The.

SOMEONE please HELP with this BRANDING clarification. I can't sleep.