Tiger In Japan

If golf were more popular, we could just watch this on YouTube...

Tiger Woods endured an embarrassing incident in the first round of the Dunlop Phoenix Thursday, when he drove to the green on the dogleg 332-yard, par-4 13th hole with the previous threesome still putting.

The gaffe notwithstanding, Woods overcame a slow start and shot a 3-under 67 to sit two strokes behind leader Shingo Katayama after the first round.

Katayama, who was on the green at the time, described the incident as "dangerous."

The green is not visible from the tee, blocked by a thick forest of stunted pines, and Woods said he didn't see the caddie's yellow flag warning that the green was still occupied.

"We saw no flag so I went ahead," Woods said. "I thought they were off the green and they weren't, so I had to apologize when I got up there."