Azinger On Branding

During the first round telecast at East Lake, Paul Azinger:

...there are not a lot of players in the 25 years that I've played the tour that have actually created their own brand. It's curious to me that the PGA Tour hasn't acutally had a branding division to help brand the players.

Karl Ravech then chimed in on the NBA and baseball's "branding" efforts. Azinger replied:

Well often we're in competition with the tour, hard to sell a player's brand when the tour is selling their own.

After a Vijay Singh birdie putt...

Karl Ravech: But it's a fine line in order to sell your sport you have to sell the stars. And this sport more than any shows what a star can bring.

Paul Azinger: Or at least let the stars sell themselves on PGA Tour property. But that wont happen. I'm going to get in trouble, I better stop.