And Yet Even More From The Communications Summit

Well I'm through page 11 of the 50 page PGA Tour Communications Summit and I now realize that in my last posting that I missed this absolutely priceless line from Barb Kaufman:

Finding number one, and this came from the media contingency.  The majority of the media felt that the Tour media outreach efforts are sufficient, which is like, okay, but in need of improvement.  The blocking and tackling is good, just getting in there and trenching, but quite frankly needed more creativity and a little more sizzle on the steak moving forward.

Remember, I simply copy and paste this stuff. I only wish I could make something like that up.

The event was then turned over to Tim Urstom, who moderated a Q&A.

Let me begin by just introducing the panel to you.  First of all, we've got Lance Barrow from CBS Sports (tepid applause), come on up; we've got James Cramer from the PGA TOUR (even more tepid applause); Doug Ferguson from the Associated Press (outright hissing); Brian Hewitt from The Golf Channel (violently loud booing); Clarke Jones from IMG (even louder booing); John Kaczkowski from the BMW Championship (cries for the Western Open's return); Sid Wilson from the PGA TOUR (standing ovation).  Come on up, guys.

Just wanted to make sure I hadn't lost you yet.

This exchange was interesting and had to earn Doug some dirty looks from the assembled suits:

DOUG FERGUSON:  I don't know if this answers your fruit question, but I think where you need to head is something that Fred Couples said a couple years ago.  I could repeat it but we'd be here all day and you probably wouldn't understand it anyway.  He was on the range at Sherwood about two years ago, and he was talking about whether the Giants were going to get to the playoffs, whether the Vikings are going to make a trade, whether the Mariners were going to make a trade, something with hockey, back to the Giants, back to the Vikings.  Then he hit a few more balls, looked up, and he said, "Do you think guys in our locker rooms are talking about us the way we're talking about them?  Probably not."  And I think that's where golf needs to get.  I don't think we're there.

People in this room may think it's a big deal, but when you look at the mainstream, I think it's still a good sport.  Debate is healthy.

Sometimes I think others might see it as controversy, as negative.  It's not always negative.  Debate sometimes is very healthy.  Sometimes things get taken too personally.  The bottom line is you want conversation, you want to be part of the conversation, and that I think is where you need to head.

I don't think that was the purpose of this summit, Doug.

No, this was a gathering to learn how we can promote the product better. Debate? Please. That's interesting. Interesting is dangerous. It causes people to think and could disrupt their consumption patterns. Get with it!