FedEx Cup Help

I've asked this question several times, and I'm still not sure whether this is just flying over my head or it just speaks to general confusion over how the FedEx Cup works.

During his Target press conference Wednesday, Davis Love was talking about the Cup:

So we figured out a way to make it where the last four weeks there's a lot riding on it.  You know, if you're 60th on the money list with four weeks to go, you can win the FedEx Cup or you can get sent home in two weeks.

Okay, so logically, as Davis says, this playoff would allow someone to come from way back and make a wild charge in a four week rush.

A Cinderella story, about to become the Fed Ex Cup Champion.

But then I remember this from the PGA Tour's Ric Clarson, quoted in a Jerry Potter story:

"We've run hundreds of computer models," Clarson says, "and no player came from lower than 13th seed to win the Cup. If you're not in the top 15 going into the playoff, your chances of winning aren't great."

So again, is the winner of the $10 million Fed Ex Cup first prize only going to be one of 15 or so players heading into the Cup, or will this be more wide open, with the potential for an upset?