Best Comment By Bobby Clampett In His Role As The Announcer Who Mysteriously Remained Employed

2006yearinreview.gifSo much wit and wisdom from Bobby Clampett in 2006, and most of it delivered right to my email box by the poor souls at TNT who would document his thoughts.

There was his ridiculous attempt to claim that there was "no bad blood" between Faldo and Woods at Hoylake, along with the ensuing jibberish about the TV business.

There was this, uh, brilliant metaphor to describe the par-4 12th hole at Poipu Bay:  “That hole is placed like a candle on the side of a birthday cake.”

And his big phrase of the week at Hoylake. How could you forget? Why it was that course's propensity for...come on, you remember:  “This golf course lends itself towards “bunching.”  You have to take your medicine on a certain number of holes and birdies are hard to come by.  And the combination of the two leads to bunching on the leaderboard.”

But my favorite was his tribute to Yogi Berra during the Grand Slam of Golf telecast, which, mercifully, I did not watch. Speaking of Geoff Ogilvy... 

"If he wasn't a professional, he'd be out there playing every day."