Best About Face By A Golf Organization In A Backpeddling Mode

You are thinking it's Tim Finchem's change of heart on drug testing after Tiger came out in favor, but no, this one goes to those mad hatters at, where else, the USGA!

Remember young Mackenzie Kline, with the weakened heart...

it was recommended if she kept playing golf, she use a cart and have oxygen available. However, her petition for a cart at Carmel CC in Charlotte in two weeks was denied on a technicality. USGA rules stipulate players must request a cart when they apply to the event. When Kline submitted her entry, she wasn't aware she would need a cart.

"Obviously you feel for her," said Marty Parkes, USGA senior director of media relations and communications, "but with those entry deadlines, we feel to be fair with everybody you have to hold to those."
And about a week and Lord knows how many conference calls later...

“The more we looked into it, it was clear that because of her condition she needed a cart,” Parkes said.