Best Orwellian Statement Made By David Fay

2006yearinreview.gifWar is peace. Ignorance is strength. USGA is the average golfer.

The USGA's Executive Director has a knack for coming up with one of those seemingly brilliant thoughts that makes USGA groupees--minds dulled by way too many days in the hot sun with that walkie-talkie vibes eating away at brain cells--swoon over their bow-tied leader. And as we always do when weeding through his baseball analogies, further inspection reveals that Fay's remark will not pass the smell test.

This year's winner came when he was speaking in Colorado, crafting another brilliant excuse for the USGA's inability to regulate equipment properly.

"I understand people like Nicklaus, (Arnold) Palmer and (Greg) Norman want to do something about the ball, and I respect that," Fay said. "But who are we governing for — the elite players or the people like the ones at the Golf Expo? I'd say for the latter."

And as I pointed out back then, if they really are only governing for the average joe, then why regulate equipment at all?

Ah, because with out the elite player, the USGA becomes a handicapping outfit with a nice Green Section and a cool collection of memorabilia. In other words, just another downstairs booth at The Golf Industry Show.