"This is new ground for us"

Doug Ferguson on the USGA selling its soul creating a brand alliance with American Express:

"This is new ground for us," USGA executive director David Fay said. "We hope this is the beginning of a long relationship with Amex. For some of those elements of the USGA that don't get much publicity, we hope this relationship helps us. And we'll do our part to provide Amex with some benefits for its members."
The question this begs is, why now, after 112 years? Any thoughts. Anyone, anyone? 
 American Express had been the title sponsor of a World Golf Championship the past eight years, a relationship that ended two months ago in London when Woods won the event for fifth time.

And while Woods has not signed an extension of his deal with American Express, the world's No. 1 player made a series of phone calls last week to talk about the USGA's first corporate partner in its 112-year history.

"It's a tremendous opportunity," Woods said. "This is two enormous brands coming together to help golf."

Yes, the USGA is one enormous brand. I'm sure that's what CB Macdonald and friends were hoping for back in the day!