"Creating a marketing platform from which these independent contractors..."

Tim Finchem, from the first page of the transcript of the "PGA TOUR INAUGURAL COMMUNICATIONS SUMMIT..."

If we could just think for a second about what we're all about, we're all about creating benefits to players directly and indirectly.  Directly is cash and prize money and retirement plans, and indirectly is creating a marketing platform from which these independent contractors who are our members can take advantage of, can utilize that platform in conjunction with the agents and business consultants that are represented here today and others in their lives to build their future.  That's part one of what we do.   

Part two of what we do is we try to create a platform that will throw off the opportunity for charitable organizations around the country to utilize our collective efforts to impact individuals' lives through charitable work nationally and in the markets where we play. 

And then thirdly, we are dedicated to growing the game and protecting the game.  So those are the three things we try to do with our effort. Now, over the last six years, going back to 2000, we have been focusing on the long term of the sport and looking at ways that we could elevate this platform, elevate the business model, and create more impact. 

I stopped reading after that. But I think it's safe to say that platform is making a comback!