PGA Tour Driving Distance Watch, Vol. 6

pgatour.jpgJim Nantz told viewers to put another log on the fire, sit back, and enjoy the Pebble Beach scenery.

Well, I searched for a piece of driftwood down at the beach, but figured it was a little too hot here in the Home of the Homeless to start a fire. 85 degrees today. Brilliant, as Bobby Clampett might say (I was torturing myself listening to the audio feed).

Hey, and you east coasters who had to shovel snow, remember, you get to enjoy the seasons. We don't have them.

Anyway, they must have measured drives on some pretty interesting holes at the AT&T, because in spite of Monterey's record temps Thursday, the PGA Tour driving distance average dropped nearly 3 yards, to 286.08 yards despite what seemed like a whole lot of wedges hit into 450-yard+ par-4s.

Of course, some big bombers weren't playing and bums like Tiger aren't even eligible for the list right now, which might just influence the numbers.  

In the 350-yard or longer drive category, the tally was boosted by 7 tee shots, pushing the season total to 488.  There were 2059 drives of 350 yards or more in 2005.