Rory Going Bode Miller On Us?

Sabbatini on 15 (click on image to see full view)
A boring day at the Nissan ended on this very interesting note.

Meeting with the germinalists after his third round 67, Nissan Open leader Rory Sabbatini was asked about his dominating performance and revealed a stunner right up there with skier Bode Miller's decision to try out some new ski's for the men's downhill:

Q: Rory, when is the last time that you felt you had this much command of your game.

RORY SABBATINI:  You know, actually, the funny thing is I don't feel like I'm hitting the ball very well right now.  I'm probably going to switch my irons back out tomorrow, back to my old set because I don't feel like I'm hitting my irons very well.  I'm driving the ball well, I'm putting well, I'm chipping well.  I just found right now I feel like my irons aren't feeling as confident as I should be.  So I think I'm probably going to go back to my old set of irons tomorrow.

Q.  What would those be?

RORY SABBATINI:  The Pro Combos.

Q.  What are you hitting now?

RORY SABBATINI:  I'm hitting the NDS Nikes.

Q.  Have you ever switched irons in the middle of a tournament?  Have you ever switched irons with a 4shot lead?

RORY SABBATINI:  No, I haven't had too many 4shot leads.  No, it doesn't make any difference to me.  For me, it's just a situation of being able to feel like I can really control my irons, control the shaping of them and things like that. Right now I'm just kind of struggling with mine and I'm going to go back to my old ones.  If I get out on the range tomorrow morning, and they feel OK, they'll be in the bag.

Q.  Rory, two things, on the iron thing: how long have you had these irons in your bag now, how long have you had them in the bag?  And do you usually travel around with two sets of irons?

RORY SABBATINI:  They have been in my bag since Tuesday of Sony.  They have been in the bag the whole year for all of my tournaments so far.  I just decided to try them at Sony.  They worked.  It's not that there is any difference in the irons, that I don't feel they are good irons.  Right now, my confidence level isn't in them because I don't feel like I'm controlling the ball as well as I need to.

Q.  Do you always carry two sets with you?

RORY SABBATINI:  No. Well, since having the bus now I can, yes.  I normally have about 30 clubs under the bus.