The Green

thegreenmag.jpgAccording to this story, a golf magazine called "The Green" managed to provoke outrage over a recent cover.


(February 21, 2006) The Green Magazine recently learned that the management of the Sports Authority retail stores issued a nationwide directive to destroy all copies of the February/March issues because of customer complaints about the cover image. The issue, which celebrates African American and Women's history, has a cover image of a 1784 sign advertising "Negroes For Sale."

 An Arizona-based Sports Authority employee, who noticed the magazine because of the email from his superiors, contacted the magazine's offices to say that the image was "just rude to be on the cover of a golf magazine."
Obviously the Sports Authority folks haven't seen any of Golf Magazine's recent covers.


Sorry, continue... 

The Green Magazine, which carries the slogan “golf beyond the links,” is privately owned and operated by Ina and Rafael Martinez. The publisher says he founded the magazine because of a distinct multicultural void in the editorial content of mainstream golf publications.

"I think we have an obligation to provoke people to think and ask questions about slavery and many, many other issues we are clearly still grappling with," said Ina Martinez. "I stand by our decision and welcome the dialogue."


And the publicity! After all, I wondered what the magazine is, and found this on their website:

Vision Media & Communications is a privately-owned multimedia publishing firm committed to reaching the untapped affluent multicultural market through print and broadcast venues. Since its June 2004 inception, The Green Magazine has enjoyed an international audience that continues to grow. Vision Media is planning a network/cable television program to complement The Green's focus on travel, luxury, and golf called “The Green TV.” The projected timeline for the program's launch is 2006.