47 Inches Too Many

Classic moment on No. 1 today of the WGC Match Play.

Vijay Singh is teeing off, trying out a new driver that looks like something Rocky Thompson once used. You may recall that the first hole (old 10th) has water way off the tee that sometimes comes into play for tee shots finishing in the trees.

Here's what the ABC guys said as Vijay's drive took off and headed for the lake.

PAUL AZINGER: Vijay is another player who is experimenting with a 47-inch driver like Phil did yesterday. And hitting it a mile.

NICK FALDO: It's in the water! Well that extra inch was worth it.

PAUL AZINGER: That is Un-be-lievable.

MIKE TIRICO: That's like 320 to where the fairway runs out on 1.

PAUL AZINGER: That's ridiculous. That is not in play. 

MIKE TIRICO: I remember that from last year, it's about 320 to the fairway running out there, maybe 330.

IAN BAKER FINCH: The center of the fairway is 336.

NICK FALDO (laughing): Well, he gotten good news. The 47 inches worked!