Driving Force: The Anti-Tech Agenda At Play

The Arizona Daily Star's Charles Durrenberger reveals his agenda to bring down the ball companies by writing about the emergence of power thanks to technology.

Despite lengthening the Catalina Course by some 500 yards, the big hitters still have a huge advantage — especially on the par 5s — which yielded a record 54 eagles in 2005.

For example, [Bubba] Watson can carry the bunkers on the redesigned par-5 eighth hole, some 305 yards off the tee. Purdy says he has trouble reaching the green in two.

"It's become a big man's sport," added Purdy, who ranked 131st in driving distance last year. "The technology and equipment have allowed players to hit it further than ever."

See, it was the writer's agenda to put those words in Purdy's mouth.

Veteran Nick Price said technology and equipment have had the biggest effect on the game since he turned pro 29 years ago.
"Younger guys know more about the swing than I did at their age," Price said. "And the sweet spot on these drivers is as big as a plum. You can swing a lot harder without losing it."

See, Nick Price was just spellbound by the swaying stopwatch that Durrenberger dangled before him, repeating whatever Durrenberger wants to spread the gospel of anti-technology!