Firing Up The Match Play

WGCNEC05logo.gifWriters are already moaning about the weekend match-ups at La Costa. Earlier in the week, John Hawkins suggested ways in his new Golf Digest blog to fire up the match play.

Since no one except me and Bobby Jones like the idea of the stymie making a cameo, and with the event moving to a course over 20 miles outside of Tucson next year, the prospects of renewed energy coming to the WGC Match Play appear dim at best.

So I'm wondering if anyone is aware of a round robin format similar to something we see with Olympic team sport competitions where the individual brackets would play amongst themselves (maybe even 9 hole matches?), with the player having the best record in each bracket moving on to the semi-final matchs?

The idea would be to create a series of short matches that would have big names playing every day through Friday (or even Saturday), perhaps with sem-finals Sunday. And as Mike Tirico has suggested on the air, maybe a Monday late afternoon, prime-time-in-the-east finish?