Boring Course=Boring Match?

Geoff Ogilvy
Sunday's Geoff Ogilvy-Davis Love match was not exactly a heart stopping thrill-ride to culminate the WGC's run at La Costa.

The ABC announce team implied that the play was lackluster at times, but that seems unfair to Ogilvy and Love.

The real fault for another less-than-exciting match play goes to La Costa's insipid design.

Since I'm apparently the only one that thinks the stymie would have livened up today's match (and maybe more replays of Tom Lehman getting into a sword fight with his bag), consider how the architecture failed to offer chances for daring play.

Other than the short par-4 6th (which technology helped turn into risk-reward short par-4), the design offered few tough decisions that might create dramatic turning points. There are were even fewer "scary" shots that might put the player in an uncomfortable position (and leading to more tough decision-making scenarios or hope for the player who was down in the match).

In fact, the inconsistent rough provided the only real "danger," and we know how interesting rough is as a hazard. 

In general, the design rewards a conservative style of play, and Ogilvy handled it beautifully. Watching him play last week at Riviera, the combination of his steady ball striking, solid putting and easy-going demeanor made him an ideal uh, match for La Costa.

Last year I had suggested in this column why La Costa is a dud for match play and why PGA West-Stadium would be far more compelling.

But as we learned today to end golf's worst kept secret, the WGC Match Play moves to Tucson's The Gallery at Dove Mountain, home to a 725-yard par-5. Excited?

Fans of match play can only hope for the sake of the format that the Fought-Lehman design will elicit a few more decisions and uncomfortable shots that can make match play so fun to watch.