More on "Where's The Balance?"

Ryan Ballangee at The SportsFan and 19th Hole Golf Show looks at Titleist's "Where's The Balance" commentary. After you look at what Ryan wrote, you might want to check out the Where's The Balance comment thread on this site. Fun debate.

Anyway, check out Ballangee's piece. It's short. But just in case it vanishes into cyberspace someday... 

It does not take a very keen set of eyes to notice that the game is fizzling. Further, it is only too convenient that the decline in rounds played and Tour fan base has occurred at a time when there has never been greater technology to allow professionals to hit the ball further than ever. Journalists have put two and two together and yelled "fore" about the bad direction that the game is going because of uncurbed technology. (This serious column needed some terrible humor.)

As it turns out, I am not the only one calling it as I see it. Other golf writers - who I have great respect for - are also calling for stronger regulation of golf technology now before the game gets out of control. Apparently, the golf equipment companies have been taking notice and they feel they are being gipped. Now, they're fighting back - anonymously.