Huggie and Woosy

John Huggan profiles Ian Woosnam in the Sunday Scotsman (or whatever they call it).

Apparently it's not too early to hear what the Euros are doing to make the K Club favor their games (they wouldn't have to do anything if they $elected a link$).

"There are a lot of hollows and bumps around the greens, and I want to get them more into play by cutting the grass short," he reveals. "So there will be some run-offs around the putting surfaces. I'm hopeful the weather is dry in the weeks before, so that we get the full benefit of that. I've also put a few more trees in.

"Because of the distances the top guys hit the ball these days, it is too easy for them to cut corners on too many holes and make them look stupid. So I've tried to stop some of that. If they do take a chance and go across the corner, they are going to have to hit perfect shots. If they don't, they'll be in trouble."

I bet those new trees look splendid.

Woosnam on the state of the game:

"When I watch the game on television I don't see the variety of shots I used to maybe 30 years ago," he sighs. "The modern swings are a lot more similar than they used to be. Which is a consequence of the equipment and the desire to hit the ball high. They don't seem to bother about the wind any more.

"In defence of the players today, I don't think they can't play shots, it's just that they don't have to. The equipment has brought everyone closer together, too. It's harder to separate yourself from the others. Almost anyone on tour can win now."