The Presidential Address

Consider the difference between the USGA presidential acceptance speeches of Fred Ridley and Walter Driver.

Ridley outlines "four clear goals," then goes to discuss them at length.

Driver outlines goals too:

1) The USGA continue to conduct the very best championships in golf;
2) Communicate better with all our constituencies so every golfer will be a true advocate for amateur golf and for the USGA; and
3) Continue to monitor technology in equipment developments to preserve the game and adhere to our charter -- "To promote and conserve the best interests and true spirit of the game of golf."

That ends the substance of tonight's speech. It's time to talk about himself.

"Instead of the ‘normal’ speech, I want to do that by recognizing some people who have meant a great deal to me in my life on and off the golf course."

Sure looks like it's not going to be a "normal" year with Driver. 

Oh, wait, apparently he believes he has been elected to a two year term!?

And my commitment to you tonight is that in my two years as president of the USGA, I will do everything I can to bring out that passion in all the members of our organization and to the members still to join.

Sounds a bit presumptuous if you go by the USGA press release.