Huggan On WGC's

WGCNEC05logo.gifWell so much for wondering when writers would notice that the PGA Tour has anchored the "World Golf Championships" in the U.S.

John Huggan vents on Golfobserver. Make sure you read all of this one. The highlights:

There was, given the reaction of the other Federation members, not so much as a warning phone call from Ponte Vedra. Tim Finchem, commissioner of the PGA Tour, had simply done what was financially expedient for his organization and members. And everyone else? They could, as my granny used to say, take a running jump to themselves.

As an example of corporate arrogance, it was breathtaking. As an example of international cooperation and friendship, it was, to put it in crude Scottish parlance, piss-taking.

It was also, of course, an example of blatant hypocrisy. While the PGA Tour wants the kudos that goes with being seen to metaphorically join hands with their 'friends' across the oceans, they also have no intention of listening to anything said in anything but an American accent. 

Make sure to check out the chart of WGC venue sites accompanying the column.