Tiger On Distance Measuring Devices

Tiger Woods, Masters media day, February 8:

Q. Last year on 17, you had hit a tee shot that went pretty far wide right and it took a little while to figure out the distance. Some people have argued now with the laser rangefinders being allowed that you might have been able to figure out that distance a lot quicker and just get on with it, so to speak. Just curious to know what your thoughts are on the laser rangefinders and whether you think they should be allowed on the PGA TOUR?

TIGER WOODS: No. Never, ever should be allowed on the PGA TOUR. I think that playing the game, since it's you and your caddie, and I think it puts the onus on the caddie to be efficient; you're out there as a team together. The laser advantage, the laser takes away an advantage of a caddie doing his homework and understanding what to do out there. I don't think that's right. I believe in what Stevie does, and certainly he's done some great things for me, and I think that rangefinder would certainly I think make up for some of the guys being a little bit lazier out there.