At Least They Spelled Geoff Right

Jeff Rude had this in his online Golfweek column:

Ogilvy is the lastest evidence, too, of the depth on Tour. Guys you couldn't pick out of a lineup are capable of winning $1.3 million on a given week.

In fact, the copy desk at the San Diego Union couldn't pick out Ogilvy out of a two-man lineup of guys with the same name. After the third round, it ran fellow touring pro Joe Ogilvie's mug shot instead of the Australian's.

"I'm very used to it," Ogilvy said, shrugging it off. "I get his publicity and he gets mine. Last year, I got a phone call that I was in the media guide at the Masters (instead of) a picture of him. ... At least I get confused with a nice guy."

And this a few paragraphs before:

Despite all the extra work, Ogilvie got stronger as the week went by.