Elling Rebuts "Where's The Balance?"

Steve Elling fights back with a note to Acushnet CEO Wally Uihlein over the "Where's The Balance" commentary.

I've never thought of myself as "unequivocally biased," the term your Web site ascribed. But like lots of fans -- most of them don't have the forum to express themselves -- I've become downright contemptuous of the lack of finesse on display at many tour stops. It's not golf as we once knew it when a kid like J.B. Holmes is bombing his 3-wood more than 300 yards in the air while winning last month at Phoenix. Or when Tiger Woods wins tournaments despite missing half the fairways.


As for the notion of credibility, the Sentinel has zero financial stake in the technology issue. With regard to the latter, no sooner had Holmes won while hitting 197-yard 8-iron shots than did he become the poster boy for your Cobra subsidiary.

Within days, highlights of Holmes' jaw-dropping performance were edited into a new TV ad, featuring narrated snippets from CBS Sports commentator David Feherty uttered during the live broadcast.

There's no conflict of interest here. Feherty, meanwhile, is a paid Cobra endorser. Sure, the animated Irishman has a tendency to get carried away at times, but when he fawned over Holmes, claiming that he hadn't been this excited since he watched Tiger Woods play as a rookie, it sounded like your office was feeding scripted lines into his headset.

Oh there are going to be some busy bloggers this afternoon!