Norman Threatening Legal Action Against PGA Tour

Golf World's March 17 issue is reporting that Greg Norman is threatening legal action against the PGA Tour.

In a story by Tim Rosaforte that first appeared on!?), Norman says he wants to see the books and the minutes of all meetings.

"It's their fiduciary responsibility," he said. (He also has a business relationship with the tour as a golf course architect for a handful of sites that host tournaments.)

"The past never goes away," Norman said last Friday from his office in Jupiter, Fla. "Even now Scott McCarron stays at my beach house and we work out last night and the conversation comes up about the FedEx Cup. The wound gets ripped wide open."

Okay that's waaaaayyyyyy more detail than we needed!

Anyway, Rosaforte also writes:

Decof, the longtime legal nemesis of the tour -- he represented Ping in the famous square-grooves case -- believes so as well. The posturing has been ongoing for months, but Norman decided to go public after his demands were circulated in a memo to members of the Players Advisory Council, Policy Board and Independent Board of Directors.

PGA Tour co-COO Ed Moorhouse confirmed the tour has been in touch with Norman and Decof. "We've offered to sit down and answer any specific questions," he told Golf World Monday. "To this point he has not availed himself of that, but we are ready to sit down and discuss any questions he has."

See, the Tour is trying to cooperate. They would be happy to sit down in a windowless room with no one taking notes and discuss any questions Greg has, completely off the record and without any documentation!

 You can't make this stuff up.

"They're looking for a way to compromise," noted Decof. "They want us to submit our questions, and they'll answer them. That's not what we want. Under law, every person has [the] right to access the books. It's an absolute right. The players don't know what's going on. They go to those meetings and they get mumbo-jumbo. Greg wants to know what's going on in a corporation that he's a member of. You can't do that by answering questions."