Fifth Major Watch, Vol. 2

We'll go easy on Ron Sirak's fifth major declaration since the Carolyn Bivens-Golf Digest credential form battle is forcing him to avoid LPGA Tour coverage.

Still, we must have our fun...thanks to reader Marty for the heads up.

For at least a decade, the question that has refused to go away concerns whether The Players Championship is the fifth major.

And I bet we're reading articles about the debate in another ten years!

That debate will gain even more momentum next year when the tournament moves to May and it is contested on a rebuilt Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass. The new date and the new playing characteristics for the course will focus even more attention on the Players, and will intensify the discussion as to its status.

Perhaps most importantly, the new spot on the schedule will semi-formalize the Players' position as the fifth major.

Yes, key word: semi-formalize.

Enjoy this year's Players Championship, and smile when it is over knowing that next year it will be even better.

Or smile because it'll be 14 months before we resume the annual fifth major debate!