Top 100 Teachers Poll

In the March 20th Sports Illustrated, the "Top 100 Teachers Poll" looks like this:

The Ohio Golf Association will run the Champions Tournament (Aug 21-23), in which all the players must use the same low-compression ball.

Good idea........41%
Bad idea..........59%

Now, considering how many of the Top 100 teachers are likely aligned with manufacturers, I was actually surprised as many as 41% said it was a good idea.

With the poll was this quote from Jim Suttie, a teacher at Cog Hill: 

"Ridiculous! One ball doesn't fit everybody's swing, so it'll take individualism out of the game."  

Besides the fact that the event is totally optional and players know what they are getting into when they enter, consider what Suttie is saying: not every ball fits everybody's swing.

Which is true. We've seen players swinging over 115 mph get an enormous turbo boost from today's ball-driver combination, as fitted on a launch monitor.

It would seem that equipment is actually taking individualism out of the game by favoring certain players, and that the Ohio Golf Association is actually trying to level the playing field again. No?