It Must Be a Major...

playerschamp.gif...because the course is playing the players, instead of the players playing the course. (Thank you Walter Hagen.)

Great stuff there at the Players today. Love the 8-inch ryem, and so did Ian Poulter.

Today's intensely dull 3rd round did set the stage for a major power nap that I welcomed before the big Bruin victory.

I know you traditionalists hate this trainwreck setup style that's really all about the people doing the setup and their lousy sense of self, but if I keep getting such great naps out of it, I may have to re-think it.

Thankfully, Tiger and Vijay got in a few subtle jabs about the absurdity of 6-8 inch rough on a course designed with wind in mind:

Q. Is it a PLAYERS Championship without this kind of wind?

TIGER WOODS: Probably not, probably not. This golf course was built here for conditions like this, but the only problem is now they've got six or eight inch rough. That's a little different than how the golf course is meant to be played.

It's a little different out there. If you miss fairways you're probably going to make bogeys. It's six or eight inches in spots. It's brutal. You've got to drive the ball in the fairway and then from there you've got to really understand what you're going to try to do on the greens, whether you line them up in the low spot or a high spot.

And Vijay, explaining in his own way how the rough is designed for one thing, and one thing only: take driver out of the player's hands because someone didn't regulate equipment:

Q. How many 3 woods do you hit on par 4s and 5s or drivers?

VIJAY SINGH: Drivers, I tried to hit driver on 1. I tried to hit driver on the 6th, but I really didn't need to, and on 11 and that was it. Well, I think one more, 14.

Q. So much for this course taking the strength of your game?

VIJAY SINGH: It's not a long golf course. It's one of the shortest golf courses we play on Tour. With the conditions right now getting more and more firm, you probably don't need a driver here at all. But the penalties are the small greens and angular tee shots that we have to hit. It's always at an angle. The fairways pinch in where we hit our landing areas. So it's a very tricky golf course, you might say.

Tricky? That used to be code for goofy.

Think they fine the players for criticizing their own course and their own tournament?