With This Win...

...Stephen Ames  loses the crown of best player never to have won a major championship     joins Craig Perks and Fred Funk as best players to win a fifth major without winning a Grand Slam event     reminds us that an anti-birdie, anti-distance rough harvest usually produces fluke winners     that The Players Championship will always be the fifth of four majors     joins Tiger Woods as a winner of the fifth major (The Players) and a former major (the Western Open).

Seriously, thanks Stephen for making it a runaway so we didn't have to turn away from the George Mason-UConn game.  I wanted to soak up some mighty Big East basketball before the Final Four is contested with all of those teams from conferences having down years!

And special thanks to the PGA Tour for a positively abysmal course setup that took a great design and rendered it's character virtually meaningless with excessive green speeds, lousy fairway contouring and excessive rough.