Hansen On Treviso Bay

Tom Hansen writes about the latest Florida TPC course at Treviso Bay:

Gray leans over his dusty, green Land Rover and expands the rolled-up drawings. [Arthur] Hills and [Hal] Sutton have already collaborated on the layout of the course. They used aerial photos to create the potential masterpiece.

That's a new one...I wonder if they've ever met?

Gray explains that the 1,050-acre project is actually four parcels of land. One parcel, called B, won't be developed for several years.

"People don't realize how big this development is," he said.

The 7,200-yard course will occupy the south end of the project. It stretches almost to State Road 951. The golf course will be separated from most of the housing development by the wetlands. Only 40 estate sites will be for sale on the golf course.

"It's going to be pretty core golf," Gray said.

We had core golf, now we have "pretty core."