It's All About Brand Consistency

Carolyn Bivens talked to Golf World's Ryan Herrington about the credential release form controversy (which still has not been resolved with the Golf Digest Companies):

"If you don't have some control of how your image is used commercially, you really can't build a consistent brand," Bivens said. "You're not a good steward. And for 55 years we never asserted any rights to that. In order to more consistently build our brand, we have to have control over the commercial use."

See, she's a good steward, unlike those past commissioners who had no sense of brand consistency. 

But here's the beautiful irony part, printed in the same pages where the vital publication in question featured no coverage of the event due to the uh, brand consistency-driven policy:

"When media assert their rights, I don't think that means fans aren't going to come out and see or attend the tournaments or the games," she said. "I don't think to the average consumer this makes any difference."