Ohio GA Competition Ball Event Follow-Up

Many potential ramifications loom from the Ohio Golf Association's decision to try out a shorter-flying ball this August. 

Readers of The Future of Golf know that a similar scenario was suggested. One in which such a grass roots uprising could be the equivalent Softspikes. 

Such a scenario may occur here, and you have to like the prospects of the ball company that ends up being the choice of the the Ohio Golf Association's competition ball.  

And don't shed any tears for the companies whose balls are not selected. They've had several years to prepare such a ball for this scenario.

They passed up the chance in the apparent hope this would go away.

And as for the USGA's likely chilly reception to this idea? Again, they've had plenty of time to act and have done nothing.

PS - Anyone care to nominate which ball Ohio might have found on the conforming ball list? I'd sure like to buy some and try them out, and I bet a bunch of other people would as well.