Extension Issue

ANGC%204%202536.jpgRemember all of the pre-tournament talk of Augusta National's "rhythm" restoration?

A reader made this observation after attending the Masters this weekend:

I was most disappointed by the change to the fourth. The tee is now so elevated, the hole resembles the sixth which I’m sure was not the MacKenzie /Jones intention. For a duck hook off four’s back tee, the third green is a dangerous place to be; a bit like the 2nd tee/1st green situation at Swinley Forest. A hole location in the rear lobe of the third green didn’t help matters. Players had to wait on #3 to putt out while the group ahead hit their tee shots from the fourth tee.

To see a full size view of the tee (where you can also see a slice of 3 green on the left edge), check out this Golf Digest image.