RIP Legends of Golf

championstour.gifSomeday, when the Champions Tour has been put out to pasture and folks wonder how something once so successful was run into the ground, they can watch the 2006 Legends of Golf and say, "ah, now I see why it died."

Originally played at Austin's Onion Creek, the Legends has moved around in recent years (remember the disastrous one-year move to PGA West-Stadium?). And now it has landed at the Club at Savannah Harbor, situated no where near a decent-sized population base.

Apparently last year's Sunday massacre wasn't enough, because in 2006 the PGA Tour allowed the course to harvest rough that is 6 inches in spots according to Ian Baker-Finch. Worse, the fairways were significantly narrowed, leaving many of the fairway bunkers surrounded by rough (such a wonderful look!). Throw in those 8,000 square foot greens with not an ounce of character, and the entire package translates dreadfully on television.

It also leaves the players looking miserable, the fans bored and an overall sense that the uh, "product" is doomed.

And just think, there are people down in Ponte Vedra making a lot of money to envision this silliness!