Monarrez On USGA Testing

Carlos Monarrez in the Detroit Free Press reports that the reduced distance balls have been submitted for testing, and more remarkably, Monarrez understands where the USGA is headed on equipment regulation.

The thing that concerns Rugge most about distance is the lack of concern for accuracy it promotes. With a wedge in their hands, tour pros don't care where they are on the course. So now Rugge and the USGA are testing grooves on irons.
Of course, they could just widen out the fairways to a whopping 30 yards and the accuracy numbers would improve. But wait, that might let someone shoot 11 under! And that would reflect poorly on the us! Sorry...I always forget the priorities.
"In fact this was first told to me by Arnold Palmer a few years back," Rugge said. "He said that that's one of the biggest problems, that we need to tighten down on the grooves because it's too easy to get out of the rough, especially for the best players."

Rugge spoke more about the aerodynamic drag of a golf ball that could slow it down at higher speeds. He mentioned how the moment of inertia limit could help amateurs who use today's massive drivers.

Then it dawned on me. By changing the properties of equipment -- more efficiency at slower swing speeds, more forgiveness on off-center hits, balls that slow down at tour speeds -- it seems Rugge and the USGA are standing up for the little guy. Slowly, I'm beginning to understand the madness.

I'm glad someone understands what they are up to.