Big Easy Blues

Ron Kroichick is already tired of the PGA Tour back-patting for returning normalcy to New Orleans. Wait until he hears CBS debut Yanni's new Fats Domino-inspired "Katrina Theme," backed by a 400-member violin section. Just kidding.

It's obviously a sign of progress for normal business to resume. But golf as therapy for one of the worst natural disasters in United States history? Easy now.

Make no mistake, the PGA Tour has been generous in its response to Katrina. The Tour's hurricane-relief fund has raised more than $5 million. Louisiana native David Toms has contributed time and money. Phil Mickelson, playing in New Orleans for the first time, announced Wednesday he would donate his prize money to hurricane-related charities.

Still, the tone emanating from New Orleans this week has bordered on excessive. The presence of professional golfers will not magically clean up the destruction, nor will it abruptly revitalize the region. And though the PGA Tour is skilled in the art of self-congratulation, it's not as if all the top players flocked into town to support recovery efforts.