USGA Distance Myths, Vol. 9

Myth #8:

 8.      You get more distance when you put topspin on a drive.

False.  Every normally struck drive has backspin. Backspin generates lift and keeps the ball in the air.  You can put topspin on a ball – but only when you “top” the ball.  It will go a very short distance and dive into the ground.
Boy, glad we got that cleared up. Of all the topics in golf, I know 19th holes are just brimming with arguments over topspin!

And mercifully, the final myth, #9: 

 9.      Accuracy off the tee isn’t as important as it used to be on the PGA Tour.

That’s no myth, it’s true.  During the ‘80s driving accuracy was almost as strong a predictor of money-winning as putting.  Today it has fallen to the lowest level ever.

It would interesting to know what author Dick Rugge thinks about this final point. Does he attribute it to the players, equipment or course setup?

Either way, I'm just so glad we got these myths cleared up. You really get a feel for just how in tune the USGA is with the perceptions of golfers and fans across the globe.