"My, my, go back in the kitchen"

I just stumbled upon Steve Elling's profile of LPGA Commish and world branding authority, Carolyn Bivens. As usual, she opened her mouth, and dumb things came out!

As the tour rolls into Orlando this week for the $2.5 million Ginn Open, the self-assured 53-year-old has been chastised over her first seven months for precipitating a media boycott, running off key employees and for unabashedly showcasing her most commercially palatable players. Like some fearless freshmen, she seems all but impervious to the criticism -- heck, she's even firing back.

"Isn't that heresy?" Bivens said, laughing and dripping sarcasm. "We're trying to open endorsement opportunities to women. We're trying to raise purses. Isn't that appalling? My, my, go back in the kitchen."

Thatta way Carolyn! You visionary you.