Weir On Changes

Thanks to reader Tuco for the heads up on Mike Weir's website musings:

The changes are going to make things tough. On the first hole, the new tee is a ways back from where it used to be. Monday morning, into the wind, I hit a pretty big drive and had a rescue club in. I expect without a wind in my face, it will be driver, 3-iron where before it was driver, seven-iron. No one has really mentioned any changes to the second hole, but when I saw it Monday, it seems that the tee is back about 10 yards or so, making it tough to get home in two.

The changes on 11 are big. When I played here a few weeks ago, I hit a solid drive and still had 200 yards to the front. You have to just flat bust it down the left side here and it’s a tight drive now, with trees added to the right. It’s really a dogleg now. But even with a good drive, I think a lot of guys are going to lay up right and take their chances with a Larry Mize-like chip.

The 17th they’ve moved back 15 yards so that makes it significantly different for getting the ball up on the top tier instead of landing it into the hill in the fairway.