Crenshaw's Post Round Q&A

Ben Crenshaw, after his stellar opening round 71, talking about Augusta National's design prior to the recent changes:

It was anything but prescribed.

So in that respect, it's changed quite a bit.
And, regarding No. 11:
11 has been lengthened quite a bit, but there again, it can take a long shot coming into the green. That is what to me is so fascinating about the two great mounds that are in front of that green. They are built there for a reason. Dr. Mackenzie put those there to bring in a second shot for a lesser player.

And to help the ball kick in towards the green. So, yes, we are playing much longer clubs in there, but it's there. It's a very it's just a completely different tee ball, though. It's such a tight tee ball now whereas before, you had plenty of latitude to play with. There was always a debate whether to go down the right side or down the left and to gain an angle to the green but you must play on a center line now.


Some of the clubs he had for approaches today:

BEN CRENSHAW: I made a nice par on the first hole. I hit a 3 iron in the front bunker, left it out about 20 feet and made that putt for par. So that was a nice start.

Saw a nice birdie go in on No. 2 from about I'd say 13, 14 feet past the hole, good breaking putt right to left down the hill.

Wonderful par at 4. I missed my 3 wood short of the right bunker, really a tough shot there and pitched it down there about four feet, I think. Very good 2 putt from the front part of No. 5. Never an easy task.

I bogeyed 6 and 7. I had a terrible position at 6. I couldn't figure out a shot there. And 7, I hit two good shots, I hit them just over the green. Missed the putt coming back from about seven feet or so.

10, I made a beautiful birdie there, a nice 5 iron in about I'd say 10 or 11 feet. That was nice.

Up and down, I didn't hit a very good shot at 12. I hit an 8 iron, came off of it, hit it in the bunker, a really nice bunker shot about a foot and a half.

Nice birdie at 13. Laid up. Nice pitch about five, six feet. Made that birdie.

Really good 2 putt on 14, really good 2 putt there from the front. It putted up about two, two and a half feet there.

16, I made a bomb. I made a bomb there. It was about 50 feet I guess up the hill. You know, that was a huge bonus there.

Up and down at 17, a really good drive, not so good of a 5 iron, front bunker. Blasted out about probably 20 feet and made that putt coming down the hill.

And 18, I got it up and down. I had to chip out. I blocked my drive just a bit short of the bunker. Beautiful pitch about six feet and made that.