First TV Review: McCleery

golfobserver copy.jpgPeter McCleery weighs in with another fine (and quick!) review of CBS's effort.
Speaking of light, the delays and slow play in the final group almost put the Masters in a tight spot had there been a need for a playoff, there wasn't much daylight left at nearly 7:30 pm. Eastern time when the Mickelson-Couples pair finished its 4 1/2 hour round (apparently, the lengthened Augusta course takes even longer to play).
I wondered when someone was going to note this. Obviously, something for the tournament committee to study. No joke. (What do you think, another 10 minutes to the round with the walks back to #7, 11 and 15 tees?)
Jim Nantz tweaked the press pundits who had suggested only 10 players would have a chance to win the title on the revamped course. "I wonder if all those experts had Tim Clark in their list of 10?" asked Nantz on Saturday.
I knew I missed something when I fell asleep!