Shapiro On Commitment to Diversity (Or Lack Of)

leadership2.jpgLeonard Shapiro really hopes Augusta National takes a Woman-American member, and so do I, if nothing else so that we can move on to more important topics, like the emasculation (sorry) of the golf course.

And he writes:

Then again, nothing involving golf and women really surprises me much any more.

I mean really, the last two presidents of the U.S. Golf Association, the organization charged among other tasks with making the game accessible to the masses regardless of gender, race or religion, are both members of all-boy Augusta National. Current president Walter Driver, also belongs to Peachtree in Atlanta, a golf club that has no female or African American members, either.

And you ought to see the statement on the commitment to racial and gender diversity the Atlanta law firm, King and Spalding, he headed until last year trumpets to the public on its web site. Sadly, Driver and many other CEOs who belong to Augusta National don't practice in their private lives what their public companies preach in terms of doing all the right things.

The photo above of Walter Driver and friends was presumably not taken at Peachtree. Love that natural, at-ease body language!