Oberholser Flirts With 59

Arron Oberholser came to 18 at Cottonwood Valley knowing that he needed birdie to shoot 59. His entertaining post round remarks:
TODD BUDNICK: Let's walk back to No. 18, and at that point did you know you had a chance when you got to the tee at 18

ARRON OBERHOLSER: Absolutely. From the tee shot all the way into the putt I knew I had a chance for 59 and it made me smile. It's a great feeling.

TODD BUDNICK: Walk us through that hole.

ARRON OBERHOLSER: Well, the tee shot I wasn't really nervous on the tee shot, although I didn't hit you couldn't tell by the way I hit it. But I absolutely hit the worst chunk pop up 3 wood of my life, not that I hit a lot of those, but that one was bad. And it left me 236 yards to the hole on 18 with a perfect lie in the middle of the fairway.

But a cart kind of disturbed me coming up the path to the right and I was set in my routine and I was focused, and I look up there and in my vision I see this cart coming and they weren't stopping. So I backed off. I was fine with it. I just told my caddie, I said I'm just going to let him come all the way through. So he saw we were on the tee and stopped. But I still didn't feel quite right. Got up there, didn't make a very good swing, popped it up, more of a nervous swing than I had anticipated.

And then I got to the shot in the fairway, and I was still very calm, felt great, just cherishing the fact that I had a shot at 59. It's really cool to have a shot at 59.

Woosley, my caddie, Dave Woosley, my caddie, he kind of maybe could sense that I was getting a little bit uptight, so he asked me about my girlfriend and how is she doing, and I said, she's doing fine, and we started talking about that. So that kind of took my mind off of it. It freed me up to make a good golf swing, and I hit a 3 iron from like 236 to like 15 feet right of the hole.

And then walking to the green, man, I had a smile from ear to ear. It's just so cool. I mean, it's the best nervous you can be because it's exciting. It's the same you're just soaking it in. Like a putt to win a golf tournament. Sure, when you get there, you want to be focused and ready to hit the putt. But up to that, man, you don't have a lot of opportunities out here like that, soak it up, enjoy the moment. It was really cool. I highly recommend it to everybody.