Ponte Vedra Weather Not As Awful This Time Of Year As Some Might Think

Garry Smits reports on the weather in Ponte Vedra where a year from now The Players Championship THE PLAYERS will be contested.
Players Championship executive director Brian Goin said if the 2007 tournament gets similar weather to what's predicted for this week, he would be more than pleased.

"We've had a little rain this week, but overall, the temperatures haven't been that hot, and we've had some cloud cover," Goin said. "Maybe we could hope for sunnier weather, but if we get this every year, I wouldn't complain."

Goin said gentler winds than in March would be offset by a firmer playing surface and difficult Bermuda rough.

"If someone played really well under these conditions, they could shoot 14 under," Goin said. "But I can picture a winning score in single-digits under-par. It's what we're hoping for with a firmer, faster course."

Well, there's always hope for that single-digit-under par score! Let us pray for them.