Bisher: Hootie Responsible For Tiger's Rise, Jack's Tears and Still Has Time To Make Pimento Cheese Sandwiches By Hand

Furman Bisher weighs in on Hootie Johnson's depature a tad late because he was "on a golfing mission to Ireland and only recently returned. I didn't want to miss out on my turn at bat."

And I know you were anxiously awaiting his verdict.

However, for someone who quoted Hootie as saying he would be stepping aside at this years Masters and chose not to write about it, he probably could have done better than drawing this conclusion:

Surely Johnson's reign should be marked by a good deal more this hassle over female membership.

What about the rise of Tiger Woods? What about the emotional exits of Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer? What about the $25 million that Augusta National has funneled into charities? What about the extended presence the "handmade" pimiento cheese sandwiches --- and how do you make sandwiches if not by hand? And more pertinent to the game itself, was it not the hand of Hootie that brought the golf course into the 21st Century, critical as many of us were at times?

Wow, what didn't the man do? And here I thought Tiger Woods was responsible for his own rise!