Torrey Pines Saga, Vol. 3012

Tod Leonard reports on the "Natural Resources and Culture Committee" meeting to iron out kinks in the five-year golf proposal that would have benefited everyone but the everyday Torrey Pines golfers.

The San Diego City Council chamber was packed yesterday with golfers voicing their distaste for the five-year proposal on the operation of Torrey Pines and the city's other golf courses. And though they couldn't claim a victory when the Natural Resources & Culture Committee meeting was over, they walked away with the hope of compromise positions and resolution after months of rancorous debate.

The NR&C came to few conclusions – two, to be exact – after more than three hours of testimony. It voted to support a 70 percent to 30 percent resident-to-visitor ratio at Torrey Pines and to create a separate capital improvement fund for a future Torrey Pines clubhouse.

Councilwoman Toni Atkins said she wanted a more detailed breakdown of the city's assessment of how much it costs per round to maintain the golf courses. She also said she is sympathetic to the concerns of the Torrey Pines men's and women's clubs, which stand to lose half of their current tee times in a proposal made by Mayor Jerry Sanders.