Roman Ruins Golf by Seve

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The same reader from Spain who sent in the image of the religiously-correct bunker has emailed another photo, this time of Alicante Golf Club in Alicante Spain.

Apparently that mess of stuff to be crossed for the third shot to a par-5 green is supposed to resemble a faux Roman ruin, only with the columns shortened for playability reasons. 

The reader insists that the faux ruins are played as Ground Under Repair, not a hazard! He  also reports that this hole is from that design genius extraordinaire Seve Ballesteros, who supposedly builds at least one bunker per course in the form of an "s", but at Alicante he constructed a lake in the shape an "s". 

Excuse me, "S." As in Seve. Get it. I probably didn't need to explain that last part.