FedUp Already

Ryan Ballangee looks at the rumored FedEx Cup standings (as reported by John Hawkins), and comes to the conclusion that the proposed setup is "worthless."

Namely, he can't understand how majors are only awarded a few more points, while the guaranteed paydays of the WGC's seems silly.
...the FedEx Cup (and, by extension, the PGA Tour) must respond to the logistical problems that the current Tour faces when it comes to money distribution, tournament field of strength, and schedule volume for individual players. It appears that the proposed structure of the FedEx Cup fails to meet any of those concepts and also propagates the failures of the existing structure and the pitiful ego of the PGA Tour concerning its own events. The Tour must drop its ego, stop insulting fans and top tier players, and actually introduce an original concept for the FedEx Cup, or it will actually make the sport worse off in the long run. The FedEx Cup was a gamble to begin with, but given the current indications of how it will look in practice, it looks like its dead money.